This recipe consists of pandan jelly and toasted pinipig in creamy milk dressing. And I think this is very similar to buko pandan salad because it contains pandan flavored gelatin cubes, condensed milk and buco strips. The only difference I think is the toasted pinipig which is not included in buko pandan salad.

Ginumis is a shaved ice dessert similar to the greater famous halo-halo. It is, however, set aside in taste via way of means of its use of coconut cream and a candy syrup crafted from panutsa. Sago, gulaman and pinipig are popular elements however you may genuinely add, if desired, clean mangoes or fruit of choice. Enjoy!


This sweet, refreshing dessert is traditionally made with sago, gulaman and pinipig. Add fresh fruit like mango for a sweet tropical twist!

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