Filipino Scrambled Eggs

Pinoy Scrambled Eggs

Scrambled Eggs are perfect for breakfast. I like regular scrambled eggs with either pancakes or toast. Sometimes I try to make the Filipino version of scrambled eggs which I call Pinoy Scrambled Eggs – and I love to eat it with Sinangag, which is the Filipino version of garlic fried rice. I also love to have this with banana ketchup.

Making your own Pinoy Scrambled egg is quick and easy. All you need to do is prepare all the ingredients beforehand and you should be done in no time. The three main ingredients for this recipe are eggs, onion, and tomatoes. Make sure to beat the eggs well until it has that light yellow color all throughout. I prefer to mince (chop into fine pieces) the tomatoes and onions to make the dish look pretty. It also helps to easily extract the flavor from these ingredients.
There is one big difference between scrambled eggs and omelets. At the top of your head, can you determine what it is? It has nothing to do with the ingredients since both dishes can use the same ingredients – but if you answer something related to how each dish is cooked then you are correct.

Omelets can be cooked in many ways. Ingredients can be mixed with beaten eggs before cooking the mixture all at once in the pan. Sometime, the beaten eggs are poured first until it becomes firm enough; the other ingredients are placed on top of one part of the egg afterwards and the egg is folded to secure it. Scrambled egg, on the other hand, is cooked by continuously stirring the beaten egg on the pan until it becomes firm. As for this Pinoy Scrambled Egg Recipe, I sautéed the onions and tomatoes

This Pinoy Scrambled Egg Recipe shows you how I do it. I know that you have your own way, and it can even be better than mine. Can you tell us how you do scrambled eggs?

first before pouring-in the beaten egg – I then stirred the mixture until the eggs got firm like the image that you see above.

Filipino Scrambled Eggs is a classic breakfast dish made of eggs, tomatoes, and onions. It’s quick and easy to make yet so hearty and tasty. Perfect for breakfast, brunch, or any meal of the day!

Table Of Contents

  • Ingredient notes
  • Cooking tips
  • Serving suggestions
  • More breakfast egg recipes
  • Filipino Scrambled Eggs

One of my favorite meals to wake up to in the morning is a plate of fluffy Filipino scrambled eggs and toasted pandesal or sinangag, and a cup of steaming tsokolate. It’s such a simple fare but so delicious and filling.

Not only is this eggs and tomato dish packed with comfort food flavors and good-for-you nutrients, but it’s also quick and easy to make, and economical. All it takes is fifteen minutes and 6 simple ingredients to have ready!

Ingredient notes

  • Eggs– it goes without saying, the fresher the eggs, the better the flavor. If you have access to fresh free-range eggs, use them in this recipe!
  • Tomatoes– use ripe Roma variety for a sweet and juicy taste
  • Onions– the recipe calls for regular brown onions, but feel free to switch it up with shallots (sibuyas tagalog) or red onions for color and more pungent flavor
  • Butter– adds creaminess; swap with olive oil for a healthier option
  • Salt and pepper– season to taste

But while similar to kultyas, a ginisang kamatis at itlog usually serve as a side dish, the eggs take center stage in this recipe.

Cooking Tips

  • Make sure to whisk the eggs very well to aerate and add volume, creating lighter and fluffier curds. The beaten eggs should be of uniform yellow color, with the whites and yolks completely incorporated together.
  • Cook the eggs at low heat. High temps will make the eggs “seize,” resulting in hard, dry scrambled eggs.
  • Turn off the heat while the eggs are still slightly wet as they will continue to cook with the residual heat from the pan.

Serving suggestions

Serve this egg dish for breakfast, brunch, or any time of the day you need a quick boost of energy and protein. Pair it with rice or with your favorite toast for a satisfying meal.

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